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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 33 (3), 2014
Research Article
Impact of Type and Particle Size on the Protein Contents in Wheat Flour
Muhammad Hanif, Mansoor Khan Khattak, Masood-Ur- Rahman, Shaiza Sheikh Sher, Hafizullah , Saqib Khan, Muhammad Saeed, Abdullah Khan and Muhammad Saqlain
Abstract: Two main types of wheat flours that are fine and branded flours used in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, were analysed for their particle size. Sieve analysis was carried out which gave eight samples of different particle sizes, divided into fractions and ranged from 63-100, 100-250, 250-350 and larger than 350 μm. All the four sizes of the each flour type were analysed for their protein content, using Kjeldahl method by Kjeltec-1002 apparatus. The results showed that more proteins (11.8%) were recorded in fine flour as compared to (11.3%) in branded flour. Also it was observed that reducing the size from 350 μm to 63 μm caused 13% protein loss in branded wheat flour and 11% in fine flour. It was concluded that wheat flour with particle size smaller than 350-250 μm significantly lost its protein content. So it is recommended to grind wheat in such a way that the particle size remains greater than 250 μm.
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