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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 36 (2), 2017
Research Article
Water Use Efficiency and Economic Feasibility of Laser Land Leveling in the Fields in the Irrigated Areas of Pakistan
Muhammad Ashraf, Khurram Ejaz and Muhammad Dilshad Arshad
Abstract: This study was conducted from 2008-2010, on five different farmer fields in district Sargodha, Pakistan, to evaluate the effect of precision-land leveling (PLL) on water application, crop yield, water-use efficiency (WUE), soil salinity and soil fertility. At each farm, one field was precisely leveled with laser-land leveler, whereas another unlevel field was treated as control. Except land leveling, all other cultural practices and crop inputs were kept the same in both fields. On an average, 51% water was saved under leveled fields, as compared to unleveled fields in a cropping year. Rice, wheat and maize (fodder) yields from level fields were 6-10% more than from unlevel fields. The average WUE of rice, wheat and maize (fodder) of the level fields was 33-38% higher than those from unlevel fields. The net annual income, obtained from level fields, was 32% higher, as compared to that from unlevel fields. The elevation difference that was ±2 cm immediately after land leveling in 2008 increased to ±3-6 cm by 2010. The cost incurred on laser-land leveling was recovered within one season. There was no significant and systematic effect of PLL on soil salinity and soil fertility.
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