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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 37 (1), 2018
Research Article
Comparative Study of Different Storage Methods for Postharvest Preservation of Wheat Grain
Shakeel Hussain Chattha, Benish Nawaz Mirani, Shakeel Ahmed Soomro, Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Hafeez-u-Rahman Mangio, Ghulam Mujtaba Khushk, Abid Ali Abro, Zaheer Ahmed Khan and Li Zhao
Abstract: Present study was carried out to find out the extent of grain deterioration during storage. Grain samples were collected from three traditional structures (i.e., room store, earthen bin and metallic bin) and one from designed structure (concrete block bin) at an interval of 3 months for a storage period of 12 months. The results indicated that moisture content (14-14.36%), insect-infestation (0-18.2%) and aflatoxin (0.8-9.7 μg kg–1) increased significantly (P< 0.01) with respect to storage period, whereas, 1000 grain weight (43-40.2 g) and germination ability (96-62.2%) significantly (P< 0.01) decreased with increasing storage. Among the storage structures, the highest moisture content (14.64%), insectinfestation (12.4%) and aflatoxin (7.62 μg kg–1) with least values of 1000 grain weight (41.48 g) and germination ability (77.4%) were observed for the grains kept in the room store. Moreover, concrete block bin resulted suitable for retaining better quality of wheat grains.
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