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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 37 (2), 2018
Research Article
The Impulsive Buying Behavior of the Farmers toward Cattle Purchase
Iqbal Javed, Waseem Akram and Haroon Javaid
Abstract: There are many other factors that affect the farmers’ purchasing of cattle but an important one is the impulsive behavior of farmers. This study is conducted to explore the impulsive buying behavior of farmers to identify the factors of the impulsive buying of farmers toward animal purchase. The study area of this research is Sargodha division and a sample of 100 respondents has been selected purposively among the farmers involved in livestock. The data is collected through a questionnaire that was pretested before the final survey. The data on variables, like age, education, income, land holding, marital status, household members and the impulsive buying behavior is collected through a detailed survey. The logistic regression model has been estimated to indentify the determinants of impulsive buying behavior of farmers. The results revealed that assets and land holding have a positive impact on the impulsive buying behavior of the farmers toward cattle purchase. Family income, marital status and family size have a negative impact on impulsive behavior of farmers for purchasing cattle. It is further needed to conduct a study on risk measurement by taking impulsive decisions among small farmers’ community related to the purchase which directly influences future prospects of their farms.
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