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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 37 (1), 2018
Research Article
Genetic Exploration of Yield and Quality Attributes in Upland Cotton
Imtiaz Ali, Amir Shakeel, Muhammad Ahmad Tariq, Muhammad Zubair, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood, Manzoor Hussain and Khalid Mahmood
Abstract: The present studies were carried out to find out the best combiner genotypes to improve lint yield and quality attributes. For this purpose, eight cotton genotypes were used to develop breeding population by crossing five lines (MNH-129, MNH-147, CIM-473, PB-899 and KZ-191) to tree testers (MNH-886, FH-142 and CIM-598), following line × tester crossing design in glass house during 2014- 15. The fifteen hybrid genotypes thus obtained were grown in the field along with the parental genotypes during 2015. Field layout for sowing of the experiment was randomized complete block with three replications. Analysis of the data recorded for bolls number plant–1, weight boll–1, yield of seed cotton plant–1, lint percentage, seeds number boll–1, seed index, fiber span, fiber strength and micronaire revealed that magnitude of SCA variance was higher for all the recorded variables indicating a major role of nonadditive genes in the inheritance of the traits. FH-142, CIM-473 and MNH-886 were considered good general combiners for various traits under consideration. MNH-129 × FH-142 seemed as the best cross for yield of seed cotton and lint percentage.
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