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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 37 (3), 2018
Research Article
Impact of Planting Density and Growth Habit of Genotypes on Wheat Yield under Raised Bed Planting Method
Imtiaz Hussain, Muhammad Sohail, Sikander Khan Tanveer and Muhammad Muneer
Abstract: Wheat planting on raised beds is considered to improve wheat productivity and reduce crop lodging in the poorly drained soils of rice-wheat cropping system. Hence, multi-location farmers’ field trials were conducted with the objectives to determine optimum seed rate and performance of different wheat cultivars on raised beds. The results showed that varying quantities of seed rates (75, 100 and 125 Kg ha–1) had no effect on grain yield and yield contributing components of wheat crop planted on raised beds. It means, lower seed rate of 75 kg ha–1 can produce comparable yields in bed-planted wheat. Likewise, three wheat cultivars, viz; Auqab-2000, Inquilab-1991 and Chenab-2000, with semi erect growth habit and other three wheat cultivars Wattan-1994, Bhakkar-2001 and Wafaq-2001, with erect growth habit were tested on beds in both years. Biological and grain yield of variety Aquab-2000 was higher on beds in comparison to other varieties in both years. The study revealed that wheat cultivars with semi erect growth habit performed better on beds than the cultivars with erect growth habit. Furthermore, cultivar Aquab-2000 performance was better than other semi erect growth habit varieties.
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