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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 37 (2), 2018
Research Article
Potassium and Boron Fertilization Approaches to Increase Yield and Nutritional Attributes in Maize Crop
Abdur Rehim, Javeed Saleem, Muhammad Amjad Bashir, Muhammad Imran, Sadiq Naveed, Muhammad Umair Sial and Faraz Ahmed
Abstract: Potassium (K) and boron (B) are two important plant nutrients, which have ability to influence their bioavailability in soil-plant ecosystem. They may cause deficiency or may increase availability of each other. To identify their interaction, a field experiment was designed to identify interactive behaviour influencing their bioavailability, growth, yield and nutritional attributes of maize crop, using K (0, 100, 125 and 150 kg ha–1) and B (0, 8 and 16 kg ha–1). As compared to the control, the growth, yield and nutritional attributes were increased by combined fertilization of K and B than their sole application. Grain yield was increased to 65% with combined fertilization of K and B @125 and 16 kg ha–1, respectively, with reference to control. Concentrations of K in leaf and grains were increased 253% and 322% with combined fertilization (150 Kg ha–1 of K and 8 Kg ha–1 of B). Fertilization of K and B also increased B concentration in leaf and grains by 179% (150 Kg ha–1 of K and 16 Kg ha–1 of B) and 370% (125 Kg ha–1 of K and 16 Kg ha–1 of B). From the experiment, it was concluded that K and B are one of the essential nutrients for maize to complete its life cycle and also to increase yield parameters of maize crop. Application of 125 Kg ha–1 of K and 8 Kg ha–1 of B is suitable and economical for maize crop to increase crop productivity.
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