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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 37 (2), 2018
Research Article
Biological Control of Aflatoxin Contamination in Agricultural Commodities by Atoxigenic Strains of Aspergillus
Hina Jalal, Muhammad Asif Asghar, Aftab Ahmed, Javed Iqbal and Abdul Basit Khan
Abstract: Atoxigenic strains of Aspergillus are promising biocontrol agents to inhibit the pre-harvest aflatoxins (AFs) contamination in vulnerable crops. In this study, the effect of atoxigenic strains of Aspergillus on the growth of toxigenic strains and AFs production were evaluated, using well diffusion and culture filtrate methods. The AFs contamination was quantified, using HPLC technique with post column derivatization. It was observed that atoxigenic strains reduced the growth of toxigenic Aspergillus (A.) flavus and A. parasiticus from 55 to 65%. Moreover, the culture filtrates derived from atoxigenic strains of A. niger and A. flavus reduced the AFB1 and AFB2 contamination up to 100%. The results further showed that AFB1 and AFB2 production gradually decreased with the increase of conidial concentrations of atoxigenic strains of A. niger and A. flavus. It was concluded that the atoxigenic A. flavus was the most effective strain inhibiting the growth of toxigenic A. flavus and A. parasiticus and AFs production in both on agar medium and on culture filtrates. In general, these atoxigenic strains can be used to control toxigenic strains at pre- and post-harvest levels.
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