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Science, Technology and Development Vol. 38 (1), 2019
Research Article
Screening of Chickpea Genotypes for Yield Stability Across Environments
Ch. Muhammad Rafiq, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem, Muhammad Shafiq, Irfan Rasool, Muhammad Zubair, Imtiaz Ali and Muhammad Naeem Zafar
Abstract: Yield stability of 24 elite chickpea genotypes was assessed through chickpea cooperative yield trials at nine diversified locations of Punjab, Pakistan, during 2017-18. Data were subjected to Genotype main effects and genotype × environment interaction effects (GGE) biplot analysis and megaenvironment analysis to identify the most stable and high yielding genotypes. Through GGE biplot, irregular polygon of genotypes connected the genotypes with each other representing the what-wonwhere for yield mean. Biplot illustrated that genotype G23 (TG1415) was ideal in performance, followed by G15 (D-15024), G17 (D-15033) and G16 (D-15030) and all the aforementioned genotypes were found more stable and high yielding across the environments. Mega environment analysis revealed that G23 (TG-1415) had higher yield in E1 (Pulses Research Institute, Faisalabad) and E3 (Gram Breeding Research Sub-Station, Kallurkot) environments. Similarly, G15 (D-15024) showed higher yield in E5 (Adaptive Research Station, Karor), G17 (D-15033) performed better in E2 (Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology, Faisalabad) and G16 (D-15030) performed better in E4 (Arid Zone Research Institute, Bhakkar). Mega environment analysis also confirmed that E1 (Pulses Research Institute, Faisalabad, and E5 (Adaptive Research Station Karor) are most useful and ideal environments for the selection of genotypes. The genotypes G23 (TG1415), G15 (D-15024), G17 (D-15033) and G16 (D- 15030) are more stable and better performing, therefore, these genotypes may be considered further for chickpea breeding program.
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